Book 1 of One Eighteen: Migration Available for Free for Kindle Owners!


product_thumbnailOne of my all time favorite podcasts is a little gem called One Eighteen: Migration. You have zombies, apocalyptical times, and an interesting character known only as Big Bad.

We all have an awesome opportunity to download the first book of the series. You can download it at this link. Trust me. You really need to check this out (this is free today folks, check it out!!).

Take a peak at the synopsis below:

It’s 2008 in America, and the world has gone very, very wrong. Radio and television signals drive men to madness, the dead hunt the living, and the ties that hold mankind together have severed.

Isolated, the town of Greenly, South Dakota has walled itself off from the horrors of the wider world. Safe behind their makeshift wall teenage lawmen prowl the streets and men and women struggle to survive in a town where electronics are banned.

In the center of it all, Jonas Waight, an academic in the wrong place at the right time. Waight does what he can to survive and trade, documenting his experiences in his journal. But when Jonas starts asking too many questions, will he be able to handle the dark secrets his curiosity reveals?

Welcome to Greenly…


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