“Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon” Will Feature Multiplayer



Gamers everywhere have always suspected that the upcoming title, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, would feature some sort of multiplayer functionality.  The official profile for the game on Nintendo’s website claimed there will be as well, but never elaborated on it.

Now, Nintendo has finally come clean and said that the game will feature at least one multiplayer feature known as ‘Hunter Mode’.  This mode will allow up to four players to meet up online and make their way up a spooky tower known as the ScareScraper. Each player will be represented by a slightly different colored Luigi and player will have to work together to dispatch some ghouls and ghosts wandering on each floor of the building.

It sounds pretty straight forward, but players will also have the ability to raise the difficulty and the amount of floors on the tower (5, 10, or 25).  At the top of each tower, regardless of how many floors chosen or difficulty level, there will be a boss battle that all four players work together to get rid of.  If a player is downed by a demonic spirit, they can still continue to play, granted they are revived by another multi-colored Luigi.


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