Fresh From the Slab Horror Movie News January 19, 2013: We Are What We Are, Sylance, and Cell Count II


It’s another weekend morning, and Fresh From the Slab has returned to feed your need for Horror Movie news!

We Are What We Are

One of the very first movies that I reviewed was Jim Mickle’s Stake Land, and I gave that film high accolades. It looks like Mickle is now stepping in the cannibal family realm with his next film. We Are What We Are is a remake of Mexican director Jorge Michel Grau’s film about a family of cannibals set in the Catskills region of New York State (the original film by Grau was set in Mexico City).

Take a peak at the poster here:




A new feature poster and trailer have been released for David Ross’ latest film. Sylance stars Brandon Ross, Skai Dabney, Mark Edward Howel, Gary McDonald, Jordan Bateman and Michael Murray.

A group of teenagers wonder onto some lake property to camp out and have a good time. Unfortunately the property is owned by some local crazy people who want to be left alone. The teens find getting along with the locals is about as easy as digging themselves out of a grave.


Cell Count II: Blood Count

A new teaser poster has been released for the upcoming sequel to the Freeman Brother’s Cell Count. The original film is available on certain digital VOD stores including iTunes,  VUDU, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, CinemaNow, XBOX and Playstation 3 in HD.

The sequel starts where the first film left off and takes our survivors on a high speed journey filled with monsters and fugitives. It is a more frantic, high speed film when compared to the slow burn original film.

I’ve been so excited to get started on the sequel ever since writing the original screenplay for Cell Count. That film was always meant to be the first act in a much bigger story. Blood Count is the second and much more insane act. I liken it to Road Warrior meets Aliens. Not necessarily in story… but most definitely in tone and scope. We are putting the pedal to the metal and getting bloody. I can’t wait to share what happens next. It’s big, bad, and out of control. – Writer and Director Todd E. Freeman.

Take a peak at the poster art here:



Here’s to hoping that 2013 continues with such a trend of interesting horror movies!


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