First Pacific Rim, Now Del Toro Casts Charlie Hunnam in Crimson Peak?


It looks like Guillermo Del Toro was significantly impressed by the acting abilities of Charlie Hunnam (who most of us recognize for his role as Jax, the current Prez of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club). Hunnam and Emma Stone have been cast to play in Crimson Peak, Del Toro’s modern take on the classic ghost story.

While the plotline or Hunnam’s role have not been released in any detail, it has been announced that the film is scheduled to shoot in February 2014.

According to del Toro, “Crimson Peak is a gothic romance… It’s got a lot of darkness and sound and fury and drama and stormy; but at the core of it is a scary movie.”

Expect more Crimson Peak news to pop up soon, especially casting details!

So tell me, what do you think? Do you think this is going to be a good pairing? Will del Toro be able to breath new life into the ghost genre?

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