Sylvia Soska Fills Us in on Why She Loves Horror


It’s one thing for one of us to write about why one of us loves horror, but I thought it would be interesting to find out why the actors, actresses, directors and writes who fuel our horror passions love horror themselves. I reached out to some of these folks and asked them to fill us in on why they love horror.

The first person to get back to me was Sylvia Soska. One half of Twisted Twins Productions, Sylvia and her sister Jen are an upcoming force to be reckoned with. Their debut film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, won numerous awards and traveled the film convention circuit. The twins wrote, directed, produced, starred in, and did the stunts for the film. Currently, their next movie (American Mary) is making the circuit and is receiving high accolades. Sylvia was gracious and let all of us fans know why she loves horror.

Jen and I have always been fascinated with horror. I don’t remember when it started, it seemed to always be there. Maybe because there is such a taboo with women and horror, and being very young girls it was even more of a taboo which just attracted us more. When we were ten, our mom decided to let us have our wish and watched POLTERGEIST with us. The film was scary, but we made it through ok until bedtime. Then the terror sunk in.

My mom did something that would forever change the way that we looked at films. She told us what we had actually seen – she explained the writer, the director, the actors, the sets, and the prosthetic artists – how they all worked together with the intention of scaring the audience. Finding out that scaring people like that was a job and it was all pretend got us hopelessly hooked.

Our mom made another deal with us. If we read the book first, we could watch the film and her collection of Stephen King books were what hit the mark. It also tricked us into reading at a high school level in elementary school. Anything we didn’t understand, she would talk to us about. All the content wasn’t censored because it was linked with an open dialogue and education.

It baffles me when so many people think that women don’t like horror or that horror is degrading to women. You just have to look at all the accounts of the final girl to see more female empowerment than any romantic comedy. For me and Jen, it was a genre that really bonded us with our mom and gave us so many happy memories growing up.

Thank you Sylvia for your article! For all of the readers out there, take a peak at trailers for the sister’s two films below!

Dead Hooker in the Trunk


American Mary



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