January Brings Us Some Teasers for the Return of The Walking Dead in February!


In the last couple of days, two videos have been released to tease us fans of the hit show The Walking Dead. To me, much of what we are shown is the same as what was shown during the final midseason episode, but it is drawn out a bit more.

The first video continues directly from the last episode, where Meryl and Daryl Dixon have been reunited, except in no manner that they expected. Hearing the baying of the crowd for blood to be spilled makes me wonder where the Dixon brothers will end up. Will they take the fight to each other so that one may survive? Or will they find a way to escape? Not a single one of us can pick up a compendium and finger out what highpoints might help us out. None of this is actually in the graphic novel.

Take a peak at the video here:


The other video is the promo clip for the second part of season 3. It was released by AMC during the holiday break, and you can see it here on Lytherus:

So, is it February yet?


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