Fresh From the Slab Horror Movie News: December 28, 2012 Phantom, Maniac, and Warm Bodies Trailers!


For the final Fresh From the Slab in 2012, we have a bunch of fun horror movie updates for you! Check out the trailers and pics below!


A new trailer and poster have been released for the haunted submarine film, Phantom. Starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny, William Fichtner, Lance Henriksen, Jonathan Schaech, Sean Patrick Flannery, Jason Beghe, Julian Adams and Jason Grey-Stanford, Phantom is set to be released on March 1, 2013.

Suspicion between the superpowers is at its peak and the Americans are staging a mass Naval exercise in the Pacific. To observe the manoeuvres submarine Captain Dmitri Zubov, an experienced sailor but a man troubled by a past he struggles to live with, sets sail on what is the final mission of Soviet submarine B756. Armed with multiple torpedoes and a single tactical nuclear ballistic missile the sub is also fitted with a cloaking device that can render them invisible to the Americans.

When B756 fails to make a position report – the last that is heard from the sub it was 500 nautical miles NW of the Hawaiian Islands – Fleet Command classifies the vessel as missing. Fearing western retaliation they send their entire fleet after B756.

Meanwhile deep under the Pacific Ocean Captain Zubov and the ship’s crew of the B-756 uncover a plot that will destroy humanity. Zubov is determined to foil the plot but as the sub is pushed to its very limits and air supplies diminish, he and the crew face almost impossible odds and an increasingly unsettling sense that they are not alone…


The first 6 minutes of the remake of William Lustig’s Maniac have been released in preparation of the film’s UK release. You can see the first minutes below (thanks to Moviebox for uploading the clip!). The majority of the film is shot POV and stars Elijah Wood.

Warm Bodies

Fandango has posted on their website a video with the first 4 minutes of the upcoming Zom Com Rom that is due to be released on February 1. Take a peak at it here:

A funny new twist on a classic love story, WARM BODIES is a poignant tale about the power of human connection. After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and as the two form a special relationship in their struggle for survival, R becomes increasingly more human – setting off an exciting, romantic, and often comical chain of events that begins to transform the other zombies and maybe even the whole lifeless world. (synopsis from Fandango also)


So all  you excellent horror fans out there, what do you think about all of these trailers? Anything you’re looking forward to and why? Let me know! Feedback feeds my horror need.


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