Fresh From the Slab Horror Movie News: December 22, 2012 Entity, John Dies at the End, and Aftershock


You would think that with Christmas coming up this week, we wouldn’t have much on the horror front. Instead Fresh From the Slab has some new trailers, posters, and more!


Take a look at the trailer for Entity which is schedule to be released in theaters on July 26, 2013. Entity, an indie horror film from Christopher and Jeremy Jadallah, is based on the story of the Slender Man.

Following the disappearance of a close family member, Casey Hughes (Jerod Perez) and Morgan (Dorie Waters) are sent to the vacated home to finalize affairs. Their trip takes a turn for the worse when the two discover repressed secrets and learn that what’s lurking in the home is beyond anything they could have ever imagined.


John Dies at the End

A week or so ago, I reviewed This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude, Don’t Touch It. John Dies at the End is the prequel to that book. The film adaptation is being released as a VOD on December 27, 2012. Take a peak below at the red band trailer. I think it looks pretty unique, which falls along with any story in this line.

In John Dies at the End, it’s all about the Soy Sauce, a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. Users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John (Rob Mayes)and David (Chase Williamson), a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No.No, they can’t.



A trailer for Eli Roth’s Aftershock (directed by Nicholas Lopez) has finally surfaced (thank you IGN for posting). Take a peak at it below! I’m a pretty big Eli Roth fan, and I’m thinking that this movie is looking pretty bad ass. Let me know what you think!

Chile has it all: gorgeous landscapes, smokin’- hot women, cool dudes, great wine, and the wildest parties. For a hapless American tourist, nicknamed Gringo (Eli Roth) by his two Chilean pals Ariel (Ariel Levy) and Pollo (Nicolás Martínez), the trip has been heaven on earth — except that he just can’t hook up with the ladies. Gringo’s luck seems to change when the group meets a trio of babes — Russian model Irina (Natasha Yarovenko), non-stop party girl Kylie (Lorenza Izzo) and her serious sister Monica (Andrea Osvárt) — who agree to accompany them on a trip to the coastal town of Valparaíso. The new friends are having the best of times whooping it up in a dance club, until a violent earthquake brings the entire city down around them. With this one-time paradise now a landscape of death and destruction that’s seething with terror and panic, our unlucky heroes must run for their lives from looters, escaped convicts, and the inevitable aftershocks.


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