The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 8 Made to Suffer: Midseason Finale, Tactical Insertion, Bullets Fly, and a Family Reunited.


Wow, a hell biter of a mid-season finale! While I a huge opponent to the whole mid-season break, this was the perfect way to end the half season. So, let’s get into the summary/review of tonight’s episode!

[SPOILERS] This episode picks up with another group of survivors who are battling walkers in the forest surrounding the prison. You have Tyreese, his sister Sasha, and three other survivors: Ben, Allen, and Donna. During their fight and flight, Donna ends up being bitten and the group flees into a crumbling building. This building is part of the prison that our survivors are living in.

Once again, we have a tender, loving, disturbing moment between the Governor and his rotting, walker daughter Penny. When she ignores his attempts to connect with her by singing a lullaby and caressing her, he flips out, bags her head, and pushes her back into her cell.

Glenn has an insane badass moment. As Maggie looks on in disbelief and horror, Glenn rips off the arm of the zombie lying on the floor in their cell. He snaps the arm in half and tears the flesh, pulling the broken bones out of the arm to use as weapons. When Merle and another guard come to escort the duo to their execution, Maggie stabs the other guard in the throat and killing him.

Here comes the calvary: Rick and the rescue team are outside Woodbury’s wall, planning their next steps. Michonne locates a point of entry into the town, and the group sets out.

The Governor and Merle have a discussion about Rick’s group at the prison. The Governor wants the survivors to be killed and the prison repopulated with walkers. Merle tells the Governor that Daryl is not to be hurt. The Governor agrees and suggests that they use Daryl as their “inside man”.

Meanwhile, back at the prison, Axel is creeping on Beth, and Carl looks like he might mistake Axel as a zombie soon. Carol warns Axel to stay away from Beth. Axel admits that he’s been in prison a while and states: “Maggie’s with Glenn, and you’re a lesbian”. Carol assures him that she is not, and then she walks away from Axel when he gets flirty.

Rick and the rescuers follow the sound of gunfire (from Glenn and Maggie’s aborted escape attempt) to a warehouse where the duo have been locked up and abused. A smoke grenade is thrown to provide cover, and the duo escape with the rescuers. At their fist stop in their escape, Glenn tells Daryl that Merle is alive and he is the reason the two of them were tortured and almost executed. Daryl wants to go see his brother, but Rick convinces him to aid in the escape.

During the disturbance on the street, Michonne sneaks into the Governor’s apartment and waits.

The rescuers and the rescued make a run for the wall. Andrea shots at them along with the rest. Oscar is killed helping Glenn and Maggie get over the wall.

At the prison, Carl and Hershel hear screaming coming from deep within the prison. Carl goes to investigate and finds Tyreese’s group who are fighting walker’s in the generator room. He shoots a few walkers and helps save the group from being overrun. He shouts at them to follow him and they make their way to the secure parts of the prison. Carl locks them in the same cell block that Michonne was locked in.

Michonne makes a grisly discovery in the form of the Governor’s undead daughter. She is all set to kill Penny, but the Governor comes in and begs her not to hurt his little girl. She stabs Penny through the head. The following fight was epic, involving severed zombie heads trying to bite them. Michonne ends up stabbing the Governor in the eye with a shard of glass. She is about to cut the Governor down with her katana, when she is interrupted by the killjoy Andrea. They face of and Michonne leaves.

A doctor treats the Governor, but his eye is a loss. Andrea questions him about the circumstances: the severed heads, the fight, and Penny. He answers some and avoids others.

The Governor leaves to join the citizens at the arena. He refers to the survivors as “terrorists” and then states that one of their own is one of them. He declares that Merle betrayed them all and his men strip Merle of his weapons. Daryl is escorted into the arena, reuniting with his brother as only the Governor could have planned it. Andrea stares at Daryl, shocked to realize that the people she was shooting at were the folks she had lived and worked with for so long. The crowd wants the brothers to be put to death.

“You wanted your brother,” the Governor tells Merle, “you got ‘im.”

So folks, what do you think? Was this midseason finale a success? What do you think about the whole “midseason finale” trend? Let me know!

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