Microsoft Releasing Next-Gen Xbox in Fall 2013


According to the latest rumors, there will be something comparable to the Wii U next fall when Microsoft may release the successor to their Xbox 360.

With all the insider reports popping up, it is becoming pretty obvious that come time for E3 2013, Microsoft will have a new console to tease us with.  The latest rumors also indicate that the Xbox 720 (potentially going with the simple name “Xbox”) will include a Blu-ray drive, the next iteration of Kinect hands-free controls and potentially a new controller to go along with the improved hardware.

Even more recently, we learned that Microsoft may throw two different variants of the console, and not like the current Wii U with only different harddrives.  The Xbox may ship with a console designed for playing games and the other geared towards home entertainment that wont be able to play those blockbuster video games.  The idea behind this is that the Xbox brand is not just about gaming, but servicing all home entertainment needs.

According to Bloomberg, their insiders have knowledge of Microsoft’s plans and say that thte Xbox is absolutely coming next fall, just in time for the key Thanksgiving and Holiday sales seasons, but are unsure if they will unveil it at E3 2013 or a separate event all together.


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