“BioShock Infinite” Box Are Officially Revealed!


The official box are for the upcoming Irrational and 2k games title BioShock Infinite.  Shown off below for all three platforms, the art features our main protagonist, Booker DeWiit, as well as a blimp and a burning American flag in the background.

Interestingly enough, the Sony art confirms that the PlayStation 3 version will support their PlayStation move and will include the original BioShock for free.   While both pieces of information were brought up at E3 in 2011, this marks the first time they have been mentioned since then.  In late 2011, creative director Ken Levine confirmed that Irrational had the move controls working and that “of all motion controllers in the world, the Move is the best one suited to a first-person shooter.  We are discovering some great opportunities with the Skyline gameplay.”

BioShock Infinite will hit stores on February 26, 2013. In addition to the box seen above, two special editions will also be available.



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