New 60 Second TV Spot and More Promotional Material For Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D


In anticipation of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D ‘s January 4 theatrical release date, Lionsgate has released a new TV spot for the film. You can see the trailer below. In additional, it appears that the man behind the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre has had an early viewing of the film. He has provided Lionsgate with a quote for their advertising campaign.

So what did he think?

“Incredible! A perfectly terrifying follow-up to the original.”

Lionsgate will also make each Thursday leading up to the theatrical release a special event. The following details were released:

Each week Lionsgate will be celebrating #ChainsawThursdays by hosting exclusive online events and debuts. Keep your ear to the ground, and your Twitter feed tuned in every Thursday and you’ll be first in line for all the freshest Leatherface news.

To kick off #ChainsawThursdays, Lionsgate presents an all-new social media widget, featuring the debut of an exclusive TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D trailer on Facebook and Twitter. With this new widget you can watch Leatherface terrorize his latest victims, check out the best cast photos, and soak up all the latest Texas Chainsaw tweets… without ever leaving your newsfeed or Twitter stream!

THAT’S NOT ALL! Additionally, every Thursday night from now through January 4th @LionsgateHorror will give fans a chance to spread the#ChainsawThursdays gospel.  Twitter users that tweet with the #ChainsawThursdays hashtag will automatically be entered to win free tickets to see TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D at their local theater, with DOZENS of winners each Thursday night.


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