Will the Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Move to London?



[SPOILERS] It has been reported from Bleeding Cool that the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to be set in London.  Additionally, the site confirmed that the Amazine Spider-Man sequel “has indeed been planning for production time” over in the UK, noting that they are not just referring to studio (sound stage) scenes, but will include filming on the streets of the city as well.

Now, Marvel Comics, history tells us the Gwen Stacy has moved herself to London after the death of her father.  Bleeding Cool has also pointed out that it would tie in rather well with the events of the previous film.

Is this the first possible story details we are seeing from the upcoming sequel? Were not sure ourselves, but it would be cool to see our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man leave the streets of New York for a change.

Also, bonus news – will Jamie Foxx be making an appearance as Electro?


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