The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knocking: Merle is Evil, The Governor is the Antichrist, and Rick Finds Purpose


So, another episode of The Walking Dead has passed us by, and it was another stress-filled, rage-inducing, nail-biter of a show.

The episode starts out with a maniacal Merle interrogating Glenn, who is taped to a wooden chair. Merle wants to know where the group is hiding out at, and he wants to know the location of his brother (his brother being the primary concern for Merle). When Glenn refuses to answer, Merle beats Glenn and threatens Glenn with what he may do to Maggie who is tied up in the next room. Maggie is going through a unique form of torture as she can hear everything that is happening to Glenn. Merle gets frustrated with the lack of answers and decides to feed Glenn to a zombie. Glenn fends off the walker, breaks the chair, and transfixes the zombies head from right to left with one of the chair legs.

Meanwhile, Michonne is at the prison fence and the zombies become aware of the fact that she is human (she’s bleeding from a bullet wound). She kills two, but then she passes out on the ground. Carl comes to the rescue and Rick helps. They bring Michonne back into the prison. Michonne comes to in a prison cell with Rick, Carl, and Hershel standing by her. Rick questions her, but she remains stoic. Daryl interrupts the questionning to show everyone that Carol survived the prison debacle. After many tears and hugs, Carol has officially returned to the fold of the group.

Andrea is asked by the Governor to help Milton deal with a Mr. Coleman who is slowly dying of some terminal illness. Andrea’s role is to silence Mr. Coleman if he reanimates and retains no memories of his previous life or if he tries to eat Milton. Milton is trying to use scientific protocols to evaluate whether the recently reanimated still retain memories of their previous life.

Back at the prison, Michonne eventually gets over her stoicism and tells the group that Glenn and Maggie were kidnapped by the guy who shot her. She tells them about Woodbury and the Governor. Rick, Daryl, and Oscar (with Michonne’s help) decide to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Rick and Carl have a moment together, where Carl is tasked with keeping the group safe. Carl tells Rick that Daryl is calling the baby “Asskicker”. Carl asks if they can name his sister after his third grade teacher, Judith. Rick agrees.

Meanwhile, Merle and the Governor have a discussion about Glenn and how they want to proceed with the questioning. The Governor makes the decision to question Maggie himself. His technique is significantly different, and more despicable, than Merle’s (which is saying a lot). The Governor threatens Maggie with a suggestion of sexual assault and then threatens to kill Glenn. Maggie caves in and reveals the location of the group.

The rescue team abandons their vehicle and proceed on foot through the forest. They encounter a great herd of walkers and they flee to a cabin. Inside, a paranoid recluse threatens to shoot them. In the ensuing fight, Michonne kills the loner. They throw his body to the walkers to act as zombie bait and they make their escape.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor is angry and distrusting of Merle. He is holding Merle accountable for their group not clearing the prison since Merle stated that it was not possible. The Governor questions Merle’s allegiance, and Merle states that he will not side with his brother. The Governor sends Merle and Martinez to recon the prison. While this conversation is occurring, the rescue team is sneaking up to the perimeter of Woodsbury. Andrea and the Governor share a close moment.

Next week is the midseason finale. What do you think is going to happen? Will the rescue work? Who else may go the way of all flesh?

Take a peak below at a behind-the-scenes video of the making of Episode 7.


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