BioShock Infinite will not include multiplayer, confirmed by Ken Levine


The upcoming edition to the BioShock series might be Infinite, but the number of players is limited to one.  The third BioShock game does not include multiplayer, as confirmed by series created Ken Levine on Twitter.

There is speculation about the multiplayer fetures in Infinite, with reports of modes cut in conjunction with staff changes at developer Irrational Games.  The last time multi-player was introduced into the series was back in BioShock 2.  Which was huge difference from the first story-driven single player experience.

With BioShock Infinite due in just a few short months (March), fans are already looking to the series future on the next batch of consoles.  One fellow Twitter user asked if Levine would prefer to work on a newer IP and would he be taking BioShot to next-gen platforms?  Levins’s reply? “Not Sure”


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