A look at the future of Doctor Who (including a new trailer and prequel mini-episode)


Doctor Who has been growing noticeably darker since the launch of its sixth season earlier this year. Many astute fans noticed that even the show’s title sequences have been growing dark (image below), signaling possible dark times for the Doctor. With the dramatic ending of the mid-season finale in September, we were left with a depressed version of the Doctor, a rare sight for the Universe’s cheeriest alien.

Friday marked the release day of the Doctor Who Christmas Special (“The Snowmen”) prequel minisode, which opens with a visibly dark and angry Doctor. Is it possible that the Doctor has been pushed to the edge yet again? Could the loss of Amy and Rory have turned our good Doctor bad?

Check out the full prequel episode, which sets the stage for “The Snowmen”, set to air on Christmas:

Looks like we’re in for a Doctor Scrooge for Christmas!

More curious is Matt Smith’s introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman, set to play the Doctor’s new companion… Is she actually Oswin? If so, will she know of her fate? How did the Doctor find her, and did he search for her out of guilt? Smith makes the interesting introduction at the start of the Christmas episode’s trailer, also released on Friday:

Do you think we’re seeing a new side of the Doctor, or the traditional dark/mopey side of the Doctor that we see after the loss of a companion?


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