Twilight’s Finale: Breaking Dawn Part 2 From the Eyes of a Horror Purist


[SPOILERS] I’m an unapologetic horror purist. When I first saw trailers for the first movies in the Twilight series, I immediately had a fit of nerd rage. Vampires don’t sparkle; only fairies do. The series seemed to have absolutely nothing to offer to me. From the obvious marketing to teenage girls up to women of all ages, this was a non-PJ type of film. I swore up and down that my skull would explode if I ever watched any of the movies. I saw enough of the some of the earlier movies to know that there was zero appeal to me, and that the premise was too much of a bastardization of vampire legend. 

A friend convinced me to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 after I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 (if i didn’t see the first one, I’d be completely lost). Now, I have to hand in my horror purist card and admit, I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn Part 2. 

Let’s start off what I didn’t like (which isn’t much). First off is Aro played by Michael Sheen. Aro is the head of the Volturi who are portrayed as the law makers and police of the vampires (except they come off more as the Vampire Mafia). Outside of a few circumstances where Aro gives pretty entertaining lines (my favorite is after Alice shows him the future). I just couldn’t get into his performance. Even when he was trying to be bad ass, he came across as a creepy pedophile. I think better direction could have been given to the acting to make his role a little bit more awe inspiring.

Then there is my least favorite person in the movie: Bella. All I really want to say is “CHANGE YOUR FACIAL EXPRESSION!” No more teenage angst, please. Added to that, I had a “shake my head in disbelief” moment when Bella tackled and killed a mountain lion. To be blunt, horrible scene and not the greatest film technique. It was more than a little cheesy looking.

What did I like? One of my biggest pet peeves in action type movies (this is way more action that what most people credit it with) is that there is always one strong person who rocks the battle scenes and is the champion. I hate this kind of plot. I appreciate a group dynamic where you have interactions and group development. I will say this movie delivers an awesome team dynamic. The final battle scene is pretty amazing, where all of the combatants on the Cullen side have their strong and weak moments. It reminds me of the final fight scene in Crows: Episode Zero in scale and development. It was impressive. There were a few scenes in the final fight were I hit my leg and said “YEAH!”. My favorite was when Alice basically feeds Dakota Fanning to Sam. Loved it.

Let’s get this out before I go any further. I really enjoyed this movie and I am nerding out right now. It can’t be helped. While there are a few things I would have changed (Kristen Stewart being one), I have to recommend Breaking Dawn Part 2. I’ll go on record and give it an 8 out of 10.

One of my pet peeves about the earlier films was Jacob, who seemed to be shirtless every time I saw anything with Twilight. I appreciate in this movie they owned the fact. The director basically had Jacob do a strip show, which would have been less weird if it wasn’t for the benefit of Charlie, Bella’s dad. He looked so disturbed and confused. I was laughing the entire time.

Charlie’s reactions to everything that happens to him is one of my favorite things about the movie.

When you reach a certain point with movies in a series, there usually is a preponderance of forced one liners. This movie is full of banter. Lighthearted in the most serious occasions, it provides a feel of family (even within the Volturi).

One area that I wish they would have developed more is each vampire’s unique talent. It felt like this was underutilized during the entire movie, but this was a relatively minor point.

Maybe it’s the dad in me, but I did enjoy the plot directing revolving around Edward and Bella’s daughter. She was a pretty amazing young actress who could convey a ton of emotion just by using facial expressions (Kristen Stewart – you should take some notes).

Now, I’m sure that some of you are going to love the fact that I did enjoy a Twilight movie, and I’m sure I’ll hear all about it. You should give at least this film a shot (I am not endorsing the earlier movies which I have zero interest in seeing). Let me know, what are your thoughts?



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