The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 5: Say the Word – Rick Deteriorates, Maggie and Daryl to the Baby Rescue


*WARNING!!! There will be spoilers in this summary! If you haven’t watched Episode 5, pass this article by!*

OK, my first impression in this episode? The Ricktatorship is at risk as Rick has absolutely, completely lost his shit. While Hershel, Daryl, Maggie, and the others plan on how to get Rick’s newborn baby formula, Rick goes on a walker killing spree, smashing, chopping, and slicing zombie heads with grim purpose. He is lost in his grief and rage over the death of Lori (don’t get me started) and doesn’t seem to care about either of his children.

So, to the rescue we have Maggie and Daryl, which absolutely blew me away. I don’t think I ever expected to see Daryl lead the formula hunt, showing how much he cares for people. Maggie and Daryl head out to find someplace with formula while Glenn digs graves for those that were lost and the prisoners walk the perimeter.

In the meantime, Andrea partakes in the revelries at a community picnic in Woodbury. The Governor is sitting in his house, brushing a young girl’s hair. It isn’t until a chunk of scalp tears away do we realize that the little girl is actually a walker. The Governor’s daughter is one of the living dead, and he is treating her like she still has a bit of humanity in her. If you have read “The Rise of the Governor”, you know that the Governor really isn’t who he says he is, but I don’t want to break into that story line (in case it has bearing on future episodes).

The Governor leaves his house and addresses his town at the barbecue.  Andrea and Milton share some words about the night’s festivities that are to come. Milton says that mere words cannot describe what lies ahead. Michonne, however, is not feeling the warm and fuzzies for this community. She breaks into The Governor’s office and steals back her sword. In the process, she finds the Governor’s ledger which contains a list of names, ending with Penny, his daughter. Michonne hears some suspicious sounds coming from behind a locked door, but before she can jimmy the lock open, she is interrupted by the Governor, Merle, and Milton. She escapes the room without being detected.

Later, Michonne is walking through the town and finds a cage of walkers. She releases them and slaughters all of them. While she is standing there, feeling satisfied with herself, she is caught by another resident. She is turned over to the Governor. The Governor, while unhappy with the destruction of his walkers, is still impressed with Michonne’s skills and prowess. He offers Michonne a position on his research team. Michonne steals her sword back from The Governor, touches it to his throat, and threatens him.

Back at the prison, Axel and Oscar take over for Glenn in digging the graves. Glenn has a heart to heart with Hershel, and Glenn wonders if they should have killed all of the prisoners as soon as they met them. Maybe that would have prevented one “asshole” from opening the gate and allowing zombies access to the prison, resulting int he deaths of T-Dogg, Lori, and maybe Carol.

In Woodbury, Andrea and Michonne have some conversations concerning the town. The Governor has been seducing and twisting Andrea to his will, convincing her that she needs to sway Michonne to his side. Andrea is not successful, and the duo eventually attempt to leave the town.

Now, we are at the part of the show where I like to say: “Rick Smash”. Rick is totally lost within himself and his grief. Glenn tracks him down in the prison and attempts to convince Rick to come out. Rick lashes out at Glenn, pinning him to the wall before shuffling off into the gloomy interior of the cells.

Merle leads a group to pits out in the open land that are used to capture walkers for the Governor’s secret plans. They drag them out and load them up to bring them back to town to replace the ones that Michonne killed.

Maggie and Daryl end up at a daycare, where they find formula, bottles, diapers, and a possum. Daryl kills the possum for dinner. They return to the group at the prison, and Daryl is the first person in line with a bottle. He feeds the baby while Carl talks about naming the baby. Daryl’s suggestion of naming the baby “Ass-kicker” does not fly.

Andrea and Michonne walk toward the gate, intent on leaving. After some developments, Michonne does leave and Andrea stays behind. The Governor consoles Andrea later that night and escorts her to the night’s entertainment: Pit fighting with zombies. Merle and Martinez (who I recognized as Hector Salazar from Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy) face off surrounded by chained walkers. Merle shows off his fighting skills, defeating Martinez. Andrea is outraged by the barbaric display in front of her and attempts to leave. The Governor stops her and explains that this event helps the townsfolk blow off steam.

Back at the prison, Rick finds the boiler room where Lori died. He finds a flattened bullet on the floor in a pool of blood. Her body is missing, but there is an extremely bloated walker sitting on the floor. Rick puts two and two together and realized the zombie devoured Lori. He kills the walker, pulls a knife, and starts cutting away (luckily, Rick has practical experience in gutting zombies).

A short time later, Rick is sitting on the floor in the prison, look lost and exhausted. He hears two sounds that seem to surprise him (and definitely would give any a start): a baby’s wail and a telephone ringing. He picks up the phone to say: “Hello?” End of the episode.

So what do you all think? How do you think Rick will adapt or do you think he will falter? How awesome was Daryl with the baby? And how completely kick ass is Merle?


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