The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4: The Killer Within – Major Changes and the Prison is Still Just a Prison


WARNING! Major spoilers will be in this article! If you haven’t watched Episode 4, stop reading now. Turn away.

Episode 4 brings some major changes to the divided group. Some may influence future episodes in subtle ways, but some were insanely immediate, even as far as the demise of some of our survivors. I’ll break down some of the major plot points.

Andrea and Michonne are starting to disagree on their future. Do they stay with Merle and the Governor or do they go back out on their own? Michonne is pushing to leave the group, especially after she finds fresh blood and bullet holes in the National Guard vehicles. Merle is pushing against the Governor and wants to go out to search for his brother. The Governor convinces Merle to stay, and then he starts a slow seduction of Andrea.

Meanwhile, back at the prison, the survivors are removing bodies and stacking them in the fields. Hershel is up and about on a pair of crutches. Then, after everyone seems to be smiling and looking forward to a better day, Walkers appear behind some of the group. Carl reacts and begins turning zombie heads into canoes. Rick, Daryl, and Glenn are outside the fence and cannot reach the group. The group separates and in the process, T-Dog is bitten by a walker.

T-Dog and Carol separate from the group and flee deep into the prison. T-Dog is suffering from his bite, but he summons the strength to pin two walkers to the wall so that Carol can make her escape. T-Dog is basically torn apart by the two walkers, ending Irone Singleton’s character who will be missed by all fans.

Lori, Carl, and Maggie end up in the boiler room. Lori is in labor, and Maggie has to deliver the baby via the knife. Lori dies (I can’t say that I’m entirely disappointed because I really disliked Lori), but the baby isn’t a zombie. I was really waiting for the zombie to chew it’s way out of Lori’s belly, but the little one seems to be relatively normal.  Carl takes it upon himself to make sure his mom doesn’t come back as a walker, and puts a bullet in her head.

Rick, Glenn, Daryl, and the two prisoners (Axel and Oscar) make it to the generator room, where they hope to power down the generators and shut off the alarms that are drawing in more of the walkers in the surrounding areas. Andrew, the prisoner who we all thought was killed in the yard when Rick locked him out, jumps out with an ax and tries to kill Rick. It was Andrew who cut the chain on the exterior gate, allowing the zombies to make it inside. He used parts of deer as zombie bait to bring the living dead into the prison. Rick and Andrew fight, and Oscar ends up with Rick’s pistol. Oscar kills Andrew, sealing his commitment with Rick’s group.

Rick and gang head back out into the prison yard, in the hopes that Lori, Maggie, and Carl had rejoined Hershel and his daughter. On their way, they find two walkers eating the remains to T-Dog. Both are put down quickly. Daryl finds Carol’s bloody clothes and the group assumes the worst. Upon exiting and finding the others still missing, Rick turns to head back into the dark prison. He stops when he hears a baby crying. Maggie stumbles toward him, carrying the baby. Her face pretty much tells the story. Carl is stoic beyond belief. Rick crumples to the ground, crying.

Alright, that’s the skinny. What do you all think? I can’t wait to find out what your opinions are! Do you think Carol is dead? How will Rick react to Lori’s death? How did you feel with these two characters coming to an end? Let me know!


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