Last Week In Trailers: “Carrie”, “Life Of Pi” And More!


The first teaser for Carrie remake is here at last. What little it shows already looks promising, especially the one shot of Carrie. Directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore, Carrie comes out on March 15th, 2013.

Take a look at a new clip from Life of Pi, which hits theaters on November 21st. The scene, introduced by the director Ang Lee, shows Pi encountering flying fish and confronting the tiger, his only companion at sea.

Also, check out a short featurette that takes us behind the scenes of Life of Pi, with Yann Martel, the author of the book, and Ang Lee.

The latest trailer for Mama is more about the scares – and there is definitely a lot to look forward to. Starring Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Mama comes out on January 18th, 2013.

The two new clips from The Bay, a found-footage horror, can easily pass for something out of a documentary. Considering the subject matter – water parasites that take over their hosts – the seemingly realistic look makes it all the more disturbing. Directed by Barry Levinson, The Bay comes out on November 2nd.


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