Throwback Review: Grizzly Park or When I Learned that Grizzly Bears are Really Ninjas


Eight young adults are sent to do community service at Grizzly Park. There, they are hunted by an escaped serial killer along with the animals of the forest. (

Our eight juvenile delinquents in trouble for a variety of reasons, but they all follow some very specific “types”: Michael ‘Scab’ White (Randy Wayne) is a white supremacist; Lola (Zulay Henao) is a Mexican tomboy; Bebe (Emily Foxler) is ditzy and dimwitted; Ty (Shedrack Anderson III) is a computer wiz; Candy (Julie Skon) is a shallow “it girl;” Ryan (Kavan Reece) and KiKi (Jelynn Rodriguez) are spoiled and shallow; and Trickster (Trevor Peterson) is a prankster). Because of some serious trouble with the law, each of these your adults  are sent to clean up the trails after the hiking season ends in a state park.

While the delinquents are gathering and waiting for their ride, the corrections vehicle blows a tire. Escaped convict and murderer Butch (Jeff Watson) kills the driver of the van and takes his place, looking for an escape from pursuit and perhaps more victims.  Butch drives the troubled youths to Grizzly Park where they meet up with Ranger Bob (Glenn Morshower) and Ranger Mike (Ryan Culver).

Ranger Bob leads the youths in their multiple day hike into the woods where they are too pick up all the trash that was left behind by hikers. Shortly after they leave, Butch stabs Ranger Mike to death and heads out to the first meeting place, where Butch meets our primary antagonist: a grizzly bear. The bear kills Butch, ending his killing spree.

Each of the young adults proves time and again that they are nothing but grizzly bait: huffing gasoline, feeding skunks, going off on their own, etc. Ranger Bob tries his best, but they ask to be killed each and every time.

So, overall, this movie doesn’t have much to redeem it other than Glenn Morshower. He was pretty great as Ranger Bob. There was some interesting kills, mainly performed by the bear and some wolves, but that is the extent of it.  The folks behind the movie even omitted the typical nudity scenes that are standard fare for B rated horror movies.

So what went wrong?

Let’s start with the first scene that had me frustrated. Butch stabs a guard and takes his clothes. There is blood all over the front of the shirt so Butch splashes YooHoo on it. The rangers notice the stain, but buy Butch’s explanation that he spilled his drink on himself. Maybe it’s just me, but YooHoo does not look like blood or vice versa.

Unbeknownst to me, grizzly bears are ninjas. In the picture to the right, the bear disappears from site and then pops up like a ninja master to maul the dumbass who has his arm hanging out the window. Once again, maybe it’s just me, but if a killer bear just killed people all around me, I wouldn’t be standing with my arm out a window. On the other hand, maybe this guy didn’t know he was facing Grizzly Bear, Master Ninja.

Overall, there was no one who I cared to see live or die. Other than the bear. I believe the bear was doing humanity a service by cleaning up the gene pool some. The characters were 100% expendable and I wasn’t sorry to see any of them go. There was one point where I thought that the white supremacist was turning over a new leaf, but then he went off to huff gasoline.

Even the “surprise ending” couldn’t save this movie.

I can’t recommend this movie. If you are an “animals run amok” fan, then go ahead and watch it. Other than that, find something else to watch. I’d give this movie a 3 out of 10. Those three points go to Ranger Bob and Brody the Bear (the Kodiak Bear who played the grizzly).

Here’s the trailer if you would to see what the movie was like:



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