Supernatural Season 8 Kicks Off With “We Need To Talk About Kevin”


Possible Spoilers

Supernatural returned last Wednesday with season 8 premiere – “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. A year has passed since the events of season 7 finale, when Dean and Cas ended up in Purgatory, as a side effect of killing Dick Roman. Now, Dean is miraculously back, though not alone – he made an unlikely alliance in Purgatory. While Dean was gone, Sam gave up hunting, and Dean is not happy about it.

Yet again the brothers were separated for a whole year and this time, the reunion was particularly tense. Sam tried to move on and seemed to even have “normal” life for a while. Dean, on the other hand, came back just as ready for hunting as ever. Kevin Tran, who was introduced in season 7, returns, and he too is much changed. Overall, this episode felt a bit more like a transition into the new season than a story of its own, though it was interesting to see the flashbacks of Dean in Purgatory. It seems that Kevin will stick around for this season, and we have yet to see what happened to Castiel in Purgatory.


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