Rumor: “Half-Life 3” to become an open-world RPG; like Skyrim


Half Life 3 rumors are so common nowadays that they pretty much get ignored.  But, everyone once and awhile there is one that is so bold and original that it is bound to cause some new speculations.  Today’s report on Half-Life 3 does not disappoint (unless it’s true, of course).

An alleged source “close-to-the-matter” is claiming detailed knowledge of Half-Life 3’s release schedule and development process. Not only has Valve’s shooter been predicted as a release “after 2013″, but the rumor posits that its final incarnation has evolved into an open-world shooter with several RPG elements.

This morning, the International Business Times, claims that an anonymous source who is “close to Valve” says that a release is likely to occur shortly after 2013 (which would basically guarantee it launching with a next-gen console).

The reason behind the schedule is what makes this rumor intriguing: The source claims that there have been multiple overhauls regarding the design and philosophy of Half-Life 3.  They are claiming it I snow an open-world/RPG shooter strongly inspired by, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The development was describe as “chaotic,” and that Half-Life 3 “failed to be a pure shooter,” but instead started implementing exploration and puzzling elements.

Those are some bold statements, so it does make us doubt the source’s credibility.  But the timeframe does not belie logic – a triple-A title that has not yet been announced is probably better off  until the next console generation.  But seriously, development “chaos” and a Skyrim-inspired shooter?  To put it bluntly, that would piss off a lot of loyal fans. With games like Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and Portal; there is no doubt that Valve knows how to make a shooter –  and the Half-Life series would be stupid to venture away from it’s roots.


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