New Mass Effect 3 “Omega” DLC and Mass Effect trilogy confirmed by BioWare!


It is a crazy day over at BioWare! Co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have decided to retire from the gaming industry and pursue bigger challenges. Their quick and surprising departure will surely worry fans of the company, but Aaron Flyyn, General Manager of BioWare Edmonton & Montreal, brought some news that should make Mass Effect fans happy – not only is the studio working on a new “post-Shepard” trilogy Mass Effect title, but the single-player ME3 DLC featuring Omega is hitting the marketplace this fall.

Gamers everyone have actually been predicting the Omega DLC since August, when discovered that coding in the extended cut seemed to imply a visit to the fan-favorite location. We are glad to see that BioWare has not let the opportunity to head back slip away from them.

While the plot surrounding the Omega-based DLC has not yet been revealed, it is highly likely that Shepard will be forced to perform some assignments for Aria T’Loak, the vengeful Asari who is the ruler of Omega. Although she is stranded on the Citadel, there will most likely be some business to take care of in her name – and perhaps some stolen technology that can aid against fighting the reapers. Flynn stated that the DLC is being scheduled for release this Fall, so a November window is likely for the first single-player Mass Effect 3 DLC since Leviathan.

In other news, Flynn also announced that the studio is working on a follow-up (or prequel) to the Mass Effect trilogy itself.

“The Mass Effect universe is vast, and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game.”

The game is in its very early stages still, it is possible that the series may branch away from its traditional third-person shooter perspective. At this time, we just have to wait to hear more reveals regarding the project.

Sequels are always frantic, especially if they have to deal with the events that happened in Mass Effect 3, which as we know, had multiple endings. So whether the game will have a concurrent timeline, of perhaps detail the historic events of humanities first contact with intelligent like, is still yet to be determined.


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