A Whole Bunch of Walking Dead News: An Emmy, Interviews, and More!


It seems like The Walking Dead news won’t stop and here are a few more articles about the landmark television show!

Another Emmy?

In one of the biggest news items, The Walking Dead won another Emmy! Over the weekend, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded the 2012 Creative Arts Emmys, and The Walking Dead earned the award for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for the Season 2 Premiere “What Lies Ahead”.

The award was presented to Greg Nicotero and his team who defeated shows like FX’s American Horror Story, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, HBO’s Game of Thrones and ABC’s Once Upon A Time. This is the second Emmy the show has been awarded.

Interview with Lauren Cohan and Norman Reedus

THR caught up to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) and was able to get the two actors to talk about their characters in the upcoming season. With all of the changes that the band of survivors were forced to adapt to (losing Shane, being forced to abandon the “safety” of the farm), there will be some dramatic changes to some of the characters and their role in the group. Take a peak at the interview here, courtesy of THR.

Norman Reedus:

With the turn of how things are going with the apocalypse, he’s opening himself up to people and being respected in other ways and finding reasons to fight for certain people and be a part of a group,” Reedus says. “It’s a big deal for him. With Shane being gone, there’s more responsibilities … but Daryl doesn’t want the responsibility of taking over a group; he’s just trying to fit in.

Lauren Cohan:

What’s exciting for Maggie now is she’s still trying to find a sense of joy in what they’re doing and joy in the victory of finding a safe-hold or in taking out some walkers,” Cohan says. “She still stops to smell the roses when she can, but it’s ruthless and violent. The group before was on the road, but now she’s joined them on this, and they’re much more overwhelmed with the amount of walkers. She’s still a farm girl at her core, but she’s seen a lot of death.

More New Images from Season 3 of The Walking Dead

Two more images were released with the interview mentioned above. Take a peak at these new pics!


Images of Season 3 Walkers!

Two new images of Walkers were posted on USA Today and are credited to Gene Page, AMC. I love zombies, and Nicotero and his team do an amazing job. Take a peak here:

The Cast Talk About The Walking Dead 

AMC has released a third behind the scenes video of the show and it just makes me crave more. Check it out here and let me know if it just doesn’t make you even more excited for Season 3 of The Walking Dead!


And A Bad Ass Poster To Top It Off

Take a peak at this poster. Me? I just think this is one of the coolest images of humanity vs adversity I’ve ever viewed. That’s just me though.


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