Estevan Vega’s Winter Sparrow is an Amazing, Haunting Read


Every time I have had the opportunity to sit down and dive into anything that Estevan Vega has written, I am struck by how much he is evolving as an author. One of the areas where he is showing an amazing breadth of knowledge is the internal battles and issues that go on inside all of our minds. With Winter Sparrow, we get to see an all new type of internal turmoil, psychosis, and insanity with a delightful sprinkling of horror, supernatural, and demonic influence.

Winter Sparrow starts out as more of a drama, where a new marriage is either on the rocks or is slowly disintegrating even before it has really started. I can honestly admit that I wasn’t sure where we were going or were this story was taking me.  In true Vega fashion though, I was completely wrapped up in the story and had to continue turning those pages, waiting to see what was going to come about. Then, we reach the point were true horror and evil influences the main characters and corrupts their lives beyond all recognition.

The couple who are our protagonists have recently become engaged and also heir to a rundown mansion out in the country. The bride-to-be has never been 100% sure about anything, except for the fact that she does not want to live in this house. Joshua and Mary are trying to start their new lives together, but there is something in the way. Joshua is obsessed with making this new house their home, with all of the beauty and love that he wishes for his wife. Mary, on the other hand, is not happy with the decision to move to this forsaken location and is not sure that this is what she wants with her life. Nor is she sure that this marriage is what she has always wanted. The intriguing, mysterious garden in the center of the mansion is the only redemption to this house in her eyes. Now, a mysterious stranger has appeared when Mary is at a psychological crux and it is up to her to decide where fate will take her, Joshua, and even the stranger.

That is about as far as I’m going to go with describing the tale because I would seriously be doing all of you a disservice by spoiling any part of this book.

Once before, I had commented on how Estevan’s writings remind me of a fever dream, and this is no exception, except maybe in how it is delivered. The first half of the book is a very direct psychological drama or thriller, where we get to watch someone fall prey to the nagging voice in her mind and the slow, inevitable deterioration of her psyche. It wasn’t until halfway through the book where that feeling of a fever dream began. It’s that feeling where everything that seems normal or right takes on a sinister, horrific vibe.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again with no hesitation: Keep an eye on Estevan Vega. The more he writes, the more books he publishes, the more skilled at horrifying and disturbing us he will become. And I cannot wait for more.


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