Throwback Review: Feast is an Extravaganza of Horror, Blood, and Gore


The hard-drinking patrons of a small-town dive bar are forced to fight for their lives when a vicious family of flesh-eating creatures arrive looking for their latest meal in a fast and fun horror romp filmed as part of HBO’s Project Greenlight series and starring Balthazar Getty, Judah Friedlander, Henry Rollins, and screen veteran Clu Gulager. (synopsis from

Feast is the third and final installment in Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Project Greenlight series (the first two films were complete box office flops) and was directed by John Gulager. His father, Clu Gulager (Burt from Return of the Living Dead) plays one of the ensemble cast. John Gulager’s wife also has a part in the film as Harley Mom who has an unfortunate adult experience with one of the creatures. Additional cast (not mentioned in the synopsis) include Jason Mewes (Clerks), Navi Rawat, and Eric Dane.

Warning: This movie is probably not the movie to show to your kids. Even those who seem to be on the verge of growing into horror fans, this film might be at bit much in content.

This staging of this film is in a local dive bar where a group of barflies and other unsavory types are hanging out on only dark night. Out of the darkness arrive two people who are dead set on ruining the drunken antics: The Hero and The Heroine. These two are followed out of the desert by several gruesome, bloodthirsty, gross monsters. The denizens of the bar must each figure out how to fight back once the creatures have decimated their ranks during the first attack.

I love this movie. While there are some definite issues with parts, the overall result is a fun, gory movie. One of my favorite things is when characters are introduced to the viewers. The film freezes and a type card pops up talking about who the character is, their occupation, and their longevity. It is an homage to many of the standard horror cliches that revolve around certain types of characters, and it makes the film so much more entertaining when these standards are violated.

It’s great having Henry Rollins playing the role of a Tony Robbins-like inspirational speaker who is trying to his best to lead the survivors, but no one is buying his line. It was pretty fun seeing him playing a role outside of his typical casting as a screen “tough”. He is pretty famous for his ability to overact, but this is perfect for the role.

I love the one character’s parenting skills. Reminds me of Rick and Laurie in The Walking Dead. “Has anyone seen Carl? Oops, Carl is being chased by monsters.” Just one of those ridiculously disturbing moments in this movie.

Not many of the characters are referred to by name but are referenced by their introductory name. There are names like Coach (Rollins), Beer Guy (Friedlander), Bozo, Tuffy, Bartender, the Veteran, Hero, and Heroine. This adds to your expectation of a high body count. It almost as if the writers (Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan) are hinting that these characters are nameless because they are disposable.

Now for the gore: this movie positively floats in blood and guts. People have their faces ripped off, legs chopped off, and bodies rot while they are still alive. There is a dependency upon real special effects with no poorly rendered CGI. The creatures are pretty horrifying and disgusting. They are hungry, insane, bloodthirsty, and lusty (helps them create more insane little monsters). These monsters have an insane libido that even evolves injured people and one dead guys face. It is pretty graphic and some folks probably won’t like it. It makes for a truly insane movie that is highly entertaining for those of us who are tired of the standard fair that comes out in the cinema anymore.

Is this the perfect horror movie? No. There are some issues with the acting and some of the flow in the film. All of that is easily overshadowed by how batshit crazy the movie gets to be and how much fun this is for a horror fan. From the character introductions to their eventual demise (I’m not giving anything away, but seriously, this is a blood soaked horror movie. High body count is a given), this is the type of movie that we could only be fortunate if more like it were to come out of Hollywood. What else makes this a fun movie? It’s not a remake, a reboot, or a PG-13 horror movie (not all PG-13 horror movies are disappointing, but they’re is a general trend of bad PG-13 horror movies).

If you can’t tell, I highly recommend this movie. Feast is crazy as can be, but it is the most entertaining, blood soaked survival story that has come along in a long time. Horror fans with a strong stomach and a long for the insane will love this movie. I rate this movie an 8 out of 10.

Take a look at the trailer here (note the beginning “conspiracy” part of the trailer barely has any influence on the movie):

If you do check this out, you’ll also be happy to know that there are sequels! Let me know what you think!


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