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Almost Heaven…

Or is it? Is Appalachia as mysterious and wonderful as people say? Or does its enduring beauty hold something dark. Something dreadful. Something very hungry for our flesh. Can the people of the region stand up against the hordes of the Undead and thrive as they have thrived under other worst circumstances?

Appalachian Undead takes a look at the dark side of Appalachia, where the Undead walk, driven by old magic and worse, their hunger for us. Nestled in the safety of the hills, the inhabitants have thrived and adapted even to the worst of conditions, but can they survive against an army that never tires and never stops feeding? With new intriguing tales of the Undead, this anthology contains work by some of the best names in horror, including Jonathan Maberry, Gary A. Braunbeck, Tim Lebbon, Elizabeth Massie, Lucy Snyder, Bev Vincent, Tim Waggoner and many more. (Summary from

In celebration of the upcoming release of Appalachian Undead, Apex and the editors of the anthology (Eugene Johnson and Jason Sizemore) have announced some special giveaways for those who pre-order the book. Everyone who pre-orders will receive a special gift: a promotional code to download Leftovers, a short zombie film directed by Paul Moore. You can also get a DVD copy of the film by contacting the editors of Appalachian Undead at’s not all. Everyone who pre-orders the book will also be put into a drawing to win special prizes out of the following list:

1)      A movie prop from Dawn of the Dead (2004) with a certificate of authenticity.
2)      A movie prop from Resident Evil 2 along with a certificate of authenticity.
3)      A movie prop from Grindhouse/Planet Terror along with a certificate of authenticity.
4)      A copy of Dead of Night signed by Jonathan Maberry.
5)      A copy of The Living Dead 2 signed by Gary A Braunbeck.
6)      A “brain explosion” pack from Apex. All the zombie books published by Apex Publications (six books!).
7)      A print of the Appalachian Undead art by Cortney Skinner signed by the artist.
8)      A Marvel Zombie Hardback
9)      A Marvel Zombie the Return Hardback
10)    A three day pass to The Scarefest in Lexington, KY
11)    A Dawn of the Dead DVD (2004)
12)    A Resident Evil: Afterlife DVD
13)    Gift card to $100.00
14)    Gift card to $50.00
Meet and greet lunch with filmmaker Paul Moore and Appalachian Undead editor Eugene Johnson at an Apex-attended convention.

and more….

The book can be pre-ordered at Apex by clicking on this link.

I don’t know, but something especially terrifies me when I cross Deliverance with zombies. Now, I’m not saying that is what is in this book, but for some reason, that is a mental image that is creeping me out. I am really excited to read this book. I spent some time in the Appalachia area and I would love to read a book that reflects my love for the area plus my passion for zombies.



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