Fresh from the Slab: Movie News August 4, 2012


There is a lot of news popping up in the horror realm, and here is some of the top or most intriguing news!

UK Trailer for Cockneys vs Zombies

It’s been a pretty exciting month for the next addition to the zom com genre. It has been announced that the film has been admitted into Fantastic Fest and that the film is scheduled to be released in UK theatres in August. Now, a red band trailer has been released. Take a look at the movies synopsis (from and then the trailer! I think this looks like a blood soaked, high body count, fun as all hell movie.

Matthias Hoene’s film concerns Andy and Terry, two hapless cockney brothers who try to save their grandad’s care home by robbing a bank. At the same time, a virus sweeps across East London turning all the inhabitants into flesh eating zombies. Faced with hordes of undead zombies, the challenge is to rescue a home full of tough old folks, escape with the loot, and get out of London alive.




New pictures have been released from the film V|H|S. This movie is being referred to as a “found footage within foung footage” film and is being released VOD on August 31, with a limited theatrical release shortly after. Take a look at the released pics as well as the synopsis from

When a group of misfits are hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for.
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The Squad
New UK quad poster for the Colombian film The Squad. Currently, there is no US release date for this film, but I think we need to keep our fingers crossed. The trailer takes tension to all new levels. See below for the synopsis from, the quad poster, and the trailer.
Jaimie Osorio Marquez’s Colombian horror film is set in the foggy mountains of Colombia where nine soldiers trudge through muddy terrain in search of an outpost that they believe has been invaded by guerrillas. As they approach their target, one of them is brutally injured, forcing them to prematurely enter the base instead of waiting for backup.

Once inside, they’re greeted a pile of dead bodies and a series of ritualistic markings meant to ward off the devil. After discovering a lone, traumatized survivor and a cryptic event log, the men wait, sifting through their own differences with each other. Trapped, confused and cut off from the outside world, they begin to feel the strain of isolation closing in around them. They’ll grasp at anything to resolve what happened there…and what is going to happen to them.



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