Will a Change to the Lead in The Dark Tower Help in Getting the Greenlight?


So, The Dark Tower project has been lingering around for about 3 years now. In 2010, a huge buzz began when Universal Pictures and Ron Howard outlines their ambitions to adapt all of The Dark Tower books into a trilogy of films plus 2 seasons of television, all which would have the same principal cast and be shot to match the quality of the film adaptations. Primary casting for the role of Roland Deschain, the last living gunslinger, was originally given to Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men).

Since this flurry of announcements, the project has been on a steady decline. Universal Pictures canceled their plans for the series a year ago. Now, new hope has been pushed back into the project. Warner Brothers has stepped in and is considering starting production on the project in 2013. 

According to Deadline , Warner Brothers will be making their decision about the fate of The Dark Tower series within the next two weeks. The script, written by Akiva Goldsman, has been presented to Warner Bros. In casting news, Javier Bardem has been removed from the films, and now Warner Brothers is in active discussion with Russell Crowe for the lead role. While Crowe has not been officially cast at this time, he is one of the actors that will be actively considered by Warner Bros.

Crowe does have the practical acting experience. He cut his teeth on western roles in The Quick and the Dead as well as 3:10 to Yuma. Not to mention the fact that the box office seems to love him.

So what do you think? Is Russell Crowe a good fit for Roland? Do you think the project will ever take off?


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