Road Rage #1: A Comic Book Inspired by Richard Matheson. The Story by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Pure Joy


A few weeks ago, I picked up a book titled He is Legend. It is an anthology of stories written by famous authors who wished to pay homage to Richard Matheson and his achievements in the horror field. This is where I first laid eyes upon Throttle, a collaboration between Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill. Road Rage  is the comic book adaptation of Throttle released by IDW. Road Rage #1 is the first issue of the series.

The story follows a motorcycle club known as “The Tribe” which is led mainly by Vince, but with influences on some members by his son, Race. Vince’s best friend and sergeant is Lemmy who looks like an artists rendering of the lead singer from Motörhead.

 The Tribe are on a ride, looking to make some money from a bad meth deal where a friend of Race’s has lost all of The Tribe’s money. In the process of catching up to Race’s friend, folks die. On the trip back from the rendezvous, a tractor trailer catches up to the club and begins to wreck vehicular vengeance upon the menbers of The Tribe. Only burning bikes and body parts are left in the truck’s wake.

While the story does resemble much of Stephen King’s work, there is a definite flavor from his son, Joe Hill. The story is electrifying and hardcore. For me, it is the perfect mix of two of my favorite genres: horror and motorcycles. It is a very enjoyable read with strong characters and even stronger plot. The characters themselves are very intriguing and the story pulls you in with its demeanor.

Chris Ryall while the artwork was completed by Nelson Daniel. At the end of the comic is a section that details how the adaptation was planned out and the reasons behind such an outstanding work. The artwork is of very high quality, adding in elements that create a feel of the 1970’s and 80’s (returning to the time when Duel was first aired on television). I had to do some research on some of the artwork, but I found out why there were dots used for shading. It is referred to as Ben-Day dot texture and is used to create a nostalgic feel to comics or graphic novels.

This is a pretty amazing story told in a comic. It’s a cross between Sons of Anarchy, 70’s exploitation motorcycle films, horror, and vengeance in the form of Richard Matheson’s tale Duel. I would be remiss not to warn you all that there is some mature content, but if you are a horror fan, you’ll be ok. Having read the story Throttle before I took a look at this comic, I was surprised and enthralled to see what I imagined printed out on paper. It made the reading so much more enjoyable. The gritty feel to the pictures and the hard, brutal dialogue fits the subject matter and creates the perfect climate for this story. I recommend this to all of you!

If you do take the opportunity to check this out, please let me know what you think!


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