SDCC12: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Press Conference!


Lytherus was on hand for the Comic-Con Silent Hill: Revelation 3D press conference! Director Michael J. Bassett and star Adelaide Clements took time from their busy schedule to attend a press conference promoting their new film, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Both were extremely enthusiastic about their new film, promising lots of goodies for Silent Hill fans and hinting at exciting surprises.

The film is based on the third Silent Hill video game, and also functions as a sequel to the first Silent Hill film. Clements plays Heather Mason, the protagonist of the new film. She has appeared in many TV shows, as well as in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Many great questions were asked, and the answers, while appropriately vague about the film’s events, provided some insight into its faithfulness to the source material. Bassett also discussed the difficulties of staying true to the Silent Hill universe while giving longtime fans a reason to pay to see something new. Below is the entire press conference, recorded for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


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