Comic-Con 2012: The Lytherus costume gallery! The best, the ‘what the heck?!’, and a zombie walk!


While the staff of Lytherus crawled the San Diego Comic-Con show floor to bring you the latest news, hands-on articles, interviews, and extensive panel coverage, a select team of costume-seekers was on the hunt for the best costume-wearers at this year’s convention.

We were able to bring back a gallery that can be described as fantastic at best and bizarre at worst. It’s clear that hundreds of Comic-Con attendees pour their hearts, souls, and spare crafts chest into creating some truly nifty costumes. A popular theme this year was TARDIS-themed dresses, inspired by Doctor Who and the recent episode where the TARDIS comes to life. You’ll also find your typical super hero costumes, Avatar: The Last Airbender costumes, Steampunk, and more!

Check out our full San Diego Comic-Con costume gallery:

[cincopa AYCAe6qg4LfE]

In addition to the costumes, the Lytherus staff were able to catch the annual San Diego Zombie Walk, where hundreds (if not thousands) of zombies descend on downtown San Diego en mass to convert the living! This year’s zombie walk had a “zombie rights” theme, as you’ll see on some of the signs the walking dead happen to be carrying:

[cincopa AgAAc5qJ6TPB]

What was your favorite costume at this year’s Comic-Con? Any particular zombie rights signs stand out to you?



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