New ‘Deadpool’ game announced – it’s like Arkham City, but with more laughs, violence, and silliness!


We all know Deadpool as the violent, sword-carrying mercenary with a knack for breaking the fourth wall in Marvel’s comic books. ¬†Well, courtesy of Activision’s Transformers dev, High Moon Studios, this crazy character is finally getting a game of his own that matcheshis style.

The Deadpool game will have all of the word captions, immature humor and the mercenary-based violence that fans have come to love from this mutant character, judging by the trailer that debuted at Comic-Con over the weekend.

The trailer is below Рalthough there is no word on formats or release dates, this footage makes it seem very Batman-style oriented.  Deadpool takes on multiple enemies at a time and even has time to pump up a bouncy castle, this game should be hilarious.



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