SDCC12: Lost Girl mythology and romance, straight from San Diego Comic-Con



“She’s good, she’s bad, she’s bi.” That was the first pitch of the television show Lost Girl, executive producer Jay Firestone said at the Comic Con panel. The show is originally a Canadian television show, that the US’s network Syfy recently picked up. The US is currently about a half a season behind, so the panelists were careful not to spoil the largely American audience. Included in the panelists were actors Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, and Ksenia Solo, as well as executive producer and writer Emily Andras.

Andras described the cult-hit show as one that crossed genre barriers by having procedure, romance, mythology, as well as humor. The main character, Bo, is a succubus who feeds off of people’s (often sexual) energy. She explained how they research the mythology, but also let the story take on its own form and expand. An arc is prepared, but the writer let the arc develop and take on form as they go along.

Anna Silk said that she was drawn to the character of Bo because she is an incredibly strong character, but also has a vast vulnerability to her as well. Working out is important to her so that she can keep strong and do most all of the stunts herself.

An audience member brought up the LGBT aspect of the show and how they treat the subject with respect and do not exploit that aspect of the show. In response, Andras said, “the show prides itself on not putting labels on sexuality.” Anna told a story about a fan who was able to come out to her family because of the show. The entire panel was very proud of how Lost Girl has treated the aspect of sexuality. Anna said that she and Zoie Palmer (Lauren) tried to create a relationship that rang true and honest.

For the Bo and Dyson fans, bad news for the rest of season two. Dyson gets a love interest and the relationships on the show all go “haywire”. Anna did share, however, that when Bo and Dyson have a sex scene that she sometimes gets Kris’s mustache hair in her lip gloss.

While season three won’t be arriving on Syfy until January 2013, the DVDs will be out October 23, and they will be uncut!



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