SDCC12: Transforming Super-powered Comic Book Readers Into Comic Book Writers Panel


Jennifer and Matthew Holm, the sibling team behind the popular graphic novel Baby House, were among the talent featured at the panel Transforming Super-powered Comic Book Readers Into Comic Book Writers. Another notable panelist included Joe Kelly, television and comic book writer whose most notable credits include helping create Ben 10 and working on the Ultimate Spider-man TV series. Those gathered on stage explained the process behind creating graphic novels and how they could be useful in the classroom.

Some of the advice given included giving yourself a schedule, jotting down thoughts as soon as they pop into your head and returning to them later, and going with your gut while crafting a story. The focus quickly shifted from the creative process to how and why graphic novels are important in education. According to the panelists, not only do graphic novels add layer to a lesson plan, but they demand a higher intelligence. Those who read comics read on both a visual and verbal linguistic level. They are essentially processing two different storytelling devices at once, and if used correctly in a classroom setting, they could be beneficial for students.

The panel covered quite a bit of ground, and definitely gave the audience much to think about. That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more awesome coverage!





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