SDCC12: The apocalypse starts at Comic Con: The Walking Dead panel


Rejoice Walking Dead fanatics, fans now have a season 3 premiere date! On October 14, 2012, The Walking Dead season 3 will premiere on AMC. There were many spoiler morsels handed out at the panel Friday the 13th. The panelists were happy to give the audience hints of what is to come, and shared some insights into the set. Included on the panel were executive producers Robert Kirkman, Dave Alpert, and Greg Nicotero (also a special effects supervisor). Those from the cast present were: Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Norman Reedus, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira(introduced as Michonne), and David Morrissey (introduced as The Governor). The Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick moderated the panel.

The panel was fast moving and energetic, leaving the fans wanting more. Some preteen fans found Steven Yeunto be particularly dreamy, causing several blushes and preteen giggles. A question was posed to the panel of who was most like their characters and who are least like their characters. Sarah Wayne Callies quickly surmised that she was least like her character, Lori Grimes. Laurie Holden said that she would probably be most like her character, Andrea. Finally, an audience member was chosen at random from EP’s of the show to get a zombie bust of their head made.

The biggest news on Season 3’s opening was that the main group the audience follows, lead by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has found the prison and will have to fight zombies – and other humans – for the ownership of the prison. Fan favorites from the comics are being introduced as well. Season 3 will introduce Michonne (seen at the end of season 2), and The Governor. In a surprise in the video show at Comic Con, Merl is also making an appearance! Likewise, Woodbury, a fan favorite setting in the comics, is introduced in the new season. From the original cast, Andrea is separated from the group and saved by Michonne, with whom Laurie Holden says Andrea forms a close bond.

Watch the sneak preview shown at Comic Con:

EP’s and actors described the new season as continuing the same fast pace that season 2 left off with. The building tension will not be dissipated, but rather expanded on, and continuing to build in intensity. Show creators called the show “visceral” and “raw”, and especially character driven. The show will continue to keep audiences guessing at what is going to happen next – even those Walking Dead comic fanatics!

Tune in to see the third season of The Walking Dead October 14, 2012 at 9/8 central on AMC.


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