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Once Upon a Time was one of San Diego Comic-Con’s most buzzed-about TV show panels — and we have an exclusive summary of the panel’s biggest and most exciting moments! With staff and show creators coming together to discuss the show’s smash-hit debut season and its upcoming second season on ABC, this panel was one you wouldn’t want to miss. Lytherus was on hand to cover the panel in full!

Is there anything better than having Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Bell, and Prince Charming on the same panel? Only if you throw in a kickass detective and the Evil Queen. The Once Upon a Time panel at San Diego’s Comic Con was both enchanting and charming. The audience got a sneak peak of the format of the show next season as well as several new characters who will make an appearance in season two. Included in the panel were executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz as well as cast members Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, and Meghan Ory.

The executive producers explained that although it seems the storyline has completely changed, the core of the show will remain the same. There will still be forward movement with flashbacks. The characters will be sorting out their lives now that they know who they were but are still aware of their Storybrook lives as well. The EP’s went on to say that the two worlds were somehow touching and interconnected and in season two they will be exploring why some characters crossed over into the Storybrook world and why some didn’t.

Along with trying to explain a complicated storyline without giving away too much to the audience, the panel gave the audience several new characters that will be appearing in the next season. These new characters include Jack and the Bean Stock, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, and possibly a Maleficent come back!

Not only are there many new characters, but in the upcoming season, the audience will be finding out who Henry’s father is. It may or may not be someone already seen on the show. Jennifer Morrison has secretly known who he was from the beginning, but is sworn to secrecy. She did let the crowd know that the audience would be excited when they finally discovered who Henry’s father is.

As a final sneak peek preview at the end of the panel, a dark, heavy-footed stranger walks into Mr. Gold’s shop. He grabs a clock and smashes the glass case with the clock. The audience then sees a shiny hook! Captain Hook is joining the cast for season two!

Along with joking about who Emma’s baby daddy is (a contest between Goofy and Chucky), the cast was very into promoting their twitter groups. Follow the cast of Once Upon A Time on twitter: @jenmorrisonlive @ginnygoodwin @joshdallas @LanaParrilla @Emiliederavin @meghanrory.

Also, check out this quick clip of Lana Parrilla channeling the Evil Queen during the panel:


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