SDCC12: HBO’s ‘True Blood’ panel highlights


HBO’s True Blood creator Alan Ball and the cast gave us the pleasure of descending on San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to reveal some awesome, funny, and sexy behind the scenes dish and a few minor spoilers for the remainder of Season 5.

Before we even got started, Ball introduced the panel with a new preview reel to the audience loaded with amazing scenes that showed off both Russel Edgington and, yes, Godric.  Plus, Bill glamours Sookie’s memories of himseld and Eric from her so she can live as if they never met.

But what new talents is the crew bringing to the stage?

We all know that Joe Manganiello proved he has moves like Jagger in his stripper flick Magic Mike, but who thought that he would have returned for an encore performance.  Rutina Wesley gets to hit the pole later in the season and shows off her abilities for the audience.  Even Ball himself got into the action.  Not to mention, Ryan Kwanten literally flipped for the audience: he crossed the stage while doing a handstand!

Now, onto the announcements:

If you are anti-spoiler, stop reading here.

  • Jason’s big parental issues. Jason learned recently that his parents were not killed in an accident, but actually by vampires.  Ball says we will definitely learn more about what happened and how the deaths affect Jason.
  •  Sam and Luna coming to an end? Sam Trammell himself stayed pretty quiet about whether Luna survives the last episode but does confirm that the fact that her daughter turns into a wolf carries ramifications.
  •  Love triangles. Manganiello says he “eviscerates” one of the other cast members sexually – and Ball confirmed.  He also stated that there will be three new romances this season.
  • Faerie War from the books? It is being considered for future seasons – Ball says we will see at least two, maybe three seasons for the series.

Now, without further ado, here is the intense preview trailer that started off the panel:


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