SDCC12: Alternative-Press Comic News Summary


Boom! Studios

The Boom! Studios series The Armory Wars, is scheduled to be transformed into a live-action film. Claudio Sanchez and Evil Ink Comics will be partnering with Stephen Levinson Mark Wahlberg to make bring this story to life.

This epic fantasy is about the the Kilgannon family – Coheed, Cambria and their son Claudio. The Keywork, a system of planets in an alternate universe, are in peril due to the dictator, Wilhelm Ryan. It’s up to Claudio to be the hero – whether he wants to or not.

Leverage and Wahlberg have worked together before. The team is responsible for large titles like Boardwalk Empire, Entourage and Contraband.


IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing announced today that they will be teaming up with Zane and Brea Grant (Suicide Girls) as well as artist Eric J (Rex Mundi) to bring readers a new miniseries, Let’s Play God. Coming in October, this four-issue series will feature Mel, a punk-rock chick with a fierce attitude as she fights a bloody battle to save her band mates as they are picked off one by one by a mysterious killer. Check out more information in the official press release:

“It’s like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in the Pacific Northwest… but cooler,” Brea Grant said.

In the style of Italian slasher psycho-horror, LET’S PLAY GOD combines a punk spirit and kinetic art with a chilling storyline, promising a truly unique four-issue miniseries. After witnessing a murder, Mel finds her and her bandmates have now become targets of the killer. With the list of suspects growing and trust among friends eroding, Mel must find the killer before it’s too late for all of them. This descent into an imaginative world of darkness is sure to delight fans of horror, music, and unbridled adventure.


Image Comics

Image Comics has several new projects in the works from some noteworthy names. First, Fraction made a surprise appearance at the “Image Comics Experience” panel on Saturday. Fraction will be partnering with Howard Chaykin (Dominic Fortune) to create Satellite Sam. He described the series as “the story of a children’s TV host who is found dead in a somewhat compromising position.”

The second “big title” announced was Sex. (No, seriously. Sex.) Image Comics has been teasing crowds with the saying that “Image Comics wants you to buy sex.” Joe Casey spoke to the crowd about this title. “Superhero comics have always sort of brushed against the concept of sexuality … “It’s time we just embraced it.” Little more was revealed about the series other than, “it’s probably not what you’re thinking.” Sex will be illustrated Piotr Kowalsko.

The Saturday panel included Image Comics talent like Joe Casey, Darick Robertson, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Chris Roberson, James Robinson, Howard Chaykin, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and Greg Rucka with Publisher Eric Stephenson as the host. Other notable announcements include the addition of several other titles to the Image family: Saviors by James Robinson and J.B. Bone, Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sude DeConnick and Emma Rios, Rain by Chris Roberson and Paul Mayberry, and Oliver by Gary Whitta and Darick Robertson.


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