SDCC12: Quentin Tarantino crashes Before Watchmen panel to make big Django Unchained announcement


There was a surprise visit from film guru Quentin Tarantino during the DC Before Watchmen panel. During the session, Jim Lee had been notably absent for the first half of the presentation. When he finally arrived, he sat at his microphone and announced that he had brought a surprise guest with him. To the extreme surprise of the audience, Quentin Tarantino walked up onto the stage and to the microphone.

The big announcement is that Tarantino’s much-anticipated upcoming winter film, Django Unchained, is to have an accompanying comic book series that is meant to fit in with the movie. Tarantino is working closely with DC comics to make sure that this five-issue miniseries in November is a true replica of the script.

Listen to the announcement directly from Tarantino below:

Aside from this random, though awesome, announcement the panel mostly focused on conveying how heavily the creative team approached the Before Watchmen titles. Didio stated that he’s never been so nervous about the quality of the material. But he’s extremely satisfied with the end product; it’s exceeded his expectations.

Minutemen artist Darwyn Cooke talked about how this project is pushing the creative teams on all the titles to their limits in order to be “good enough” to deserve the role. They all understand how high the bar has been set. Cooke then joked with Silk Spectre’s artist Amanda Connor (Cooke is the writer on this series). He stated that the amount of time they are all putting into this project is immense. “Her husband hates me,” Cooke laughed. This is even funnier because her husband is All-Star Western’s Jimmy Palmiotti.

During the question and answer section, a fan stood up and professed that he had been one of the “keyboard warriors” ranting and raging against the series when it had first been announced. He then offered an apology stating he was absolutely wrong. He took back every hesitation and insult because everything he’s seen of the series thus far has been fantastic. In response, Didio called him the “perfect fan” for having his reserves over the possible ruination of what he loves, yet enough of an open mind to admit when something is, unexpectedly, awesome. This is the kind of a fan holding the company to a standard.


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