SDCC12: Exclusive coverage of “How to Train Your Dragon” spin-off, Dragons: Riders of Berk


Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk continues the story of How to Train Your Dragon. All of the original characters will be returning with most of the original voice cast and new characters will be introduced throughout the show. Set in the town of Berk, Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) has changed the way the world thinks of dragons. Instead of relentlessly hunting them, humans are now learning to coexist and train the dragons.

Despite the fact that the dragons are now trained, they are still reckless and occasionally destroy things all over town. Because of these bad behaviors, the Berk Dragon Academy is established. Hiccup must find a way to work with the dragons instead of against them if they are to live together.

As if just finding a way to live peacefully with dragons wasn’t enough, there is also a group of outcasts which threaten the town. Alvin, (voiced by Mark Hamill) the leader of the outcasts, is seeking revenge against his former town. Upon hearing of a boy who has managed to actually train a dragon, he himself begins to train dragons to help enact his revenge on Berk. Hiccup and his allies must defend their town from this threat.

The known characters and their dragons are:

  • Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) with Toothless
  • Astrid (America Ferrera) with Stormfly
  • Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) with Meatlog
  • Snotlout (Zack Pearlman) with Hookfang
  • Tuffnut (TJ Miller) and Ruffnut (Julie Marcus) with Barf and Belch
  • Stoick (Nolan North) with Thornado
  • Gobber (Chris Edgerly)

With the addition of several new characters, there are also some new dragons that will be introduced as well. With “feature quality animation”, this show is sure to be a hit. It was described as both “Kickass and powerful” and “tender and sweet”.  Riders of Berk will definitely be worth watching so be sure to check it out on Cartoon Network when it launches!


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