SDCC12: Stan Lee’s World of Heroes Panel!


Live from San Diego Comic-Con 2012 comes a detailed recap of one of the hottest panels in the convention so far. Stan Lee himself made an appearance to discuss his new YouTube channel, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes. Several very special guests showed up as well, the most notable(besides Stan himself) being Mark Hamill. Others panelists included Bonnie Burton and Peter David, both of whom will have their own shows on Lee’s channel. While it hasn’t been released yet, Stan Lee’s newest project will have everyone talking.

The anticipated channel will include many different shows focusing on the fans and the varying aspects of fandom. It is a project Lee began to bring himself closer to his fans and celebrate their love of heroes. Mark Hamill has an as of yet untitled podcast to be included, which many fans will surely tune in to. Peter David announced a superhero sitcom he wrote called “Headcases,” which he promised would be fun for anyone who loves heroes. Among the other shows to be included on the channel include “Geek Therapy”, which is exactly what it sounds like, “Fan Wars”(again, aptly named), Stan Lee’s show “Super.Models”, which he kept a tight lid on, and a hilarious cartoon depicting popular superheroes having unfortunate accidents called “Bad Days.”

The panel provided tons of insight into Mr. Lee himself and what he wants to accomplish with this ambitious new project. As a bonus, Mark Hamill even did a Joker impression, much to the delight of the thousands in attendance. Stay tuned for more exciting Comic-Con coverage soon!


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