SDCC12: Epic Games newest title “Fortnite” revealed!


Epic Games is at it again.  You should know them from their latest hits such as Bulletstorm and Gear of War 3.  However, this time they have turned in the complete opposite direction when they revealed their upcoming title Fortnite.

For the first time ever, Epic Games has revealed the details about their upcoming hit and we had the pleasure of witne  ssing it here at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.  Now, even though they only touched the surface with the details, the game itself seems to be really unique for their typical style of gaming definitely something different for gamers as well.  Check out the details below:

During the panel, they started by establishing that Fortnite is a “co-op sandbox survival game” with graphics that can be best described as “Tim Burton meets Looney Toons.”  This is not the usual Epic Games we know, who usually focus more on the darker side of things with much sharper images.  Right off the bat, this makes it very interesting.

The game is played with a team of you and your friends scavenging the city to find materials and building a fort to fend off your enemies at night.  When it is said that the entire city can be scavenged, they litetally mean the ENTIRE city.  Gameplay videos demonstrated how your character can take an axe to cut down trees for wood, or a sledgehammer to smash through buildings for cement.  As you gather materials, you can use them to fortify your defenses against the enemy.

The building aspect of the game itself seems fairly simple.  As your character gains experience, they level up and learn different things to build – making your defenses stronger.  Everynight, you are attacked by a horde of “zombie-like” creatures.  During the demo, only two types were revealed.  The Troll and the Husk.  The troll attacks your fort using any method possible.  He can open portals to go through your walls or ceilings and they are very prone to attacking in groups.  Not to mention, they are able to steal your materials.  The husk was kept more of a secret – all we got was concept art.  Our guess is that they are a stronger, more violent version of the troll that actually uses your defenses against you.

Combat in the game is pretty straight forward.  You can melee the enemy down with axes, sledgehammers or whatever goodies you may come across.  Or you can blast your way through them with a various amount of range weaponry.  The only weapon that was truly demonstrated for us was the crossbow.  It starts off with a standard single-shot but can be upgraded (much like everything else in the game) to something more deadly. The upgrades that are known to us right now is the triple dart (just like it sounds, three bolts fired at once).  You can also take the crossbow to a more scouting type of weapon and upgrade to the tightrope attachment.  This will allow you to shoot towards the rooftops and create a tightrope to traverse to higher locations.  Doing this will allow you to scout out more items and make your fort even better.

Check out the debut trailer below:


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