The Amazing Spider-man Is A Fun New Take On A Classic Story


Released between the highly anticipated openings of two huge superhero films and charged with the daunting task of rebooting an entire franchise, The Amazing Spider-man had a lot to prove. Fortunately, not only does it feature great special effects and superb acting, the film offers a bold re-telling that works and actually improves upon Sam Raimi’s trilogy.

Ever since his parents left him under mysterious circumstances when he was just a boy, Peter Parker has longed to find out what happened to them. His search takes him to Dr. Curt Connors, a brilliant scientist and an old friend of his father’s. It is during his time working with Connors that Parker stumbles upon a well-guarded secret, and this discovery results in him developing extraordinary powers from a radioactive spider bite. As Parker struggles to control his new abilities, tragedy strikes his family. Consumed by grief and rage, Parker becomes Spider-man. Connors is transformed into a monstrous reptilian creature by a formula that Parker created, and soon the fate of New York City falls upon a lanky teenager dressed in tights.

Andrew Garfield takes the role of Peter Parker and owns it, giving us a Spider-man that stays true to his comic-book counterpart. His outstanding performance will definitely give Tobey Maguire a run for his money. Emma Stone’s performance as Gwen Stacy is genuine and without a doubt one of her finest performances to date. Rhys Ifans does a fantastic job portraying the villain, and it’s nice to finally see a Spidey film without the Green Goblin or any of his offspring. Denis Leary plays Captain Stacy, and his role will both please and surprise viewers.

The film falters in its pacing. Everything moves at  breakneck speed, not giving audiences nearly enough time to take in what happens onscreen.

The score ¬†leaves a lot to be desired. Particularly during the action sequences(which are absolutely fantastic), the music doesn’t fit what is happening. It almost takes viewers out of the movie and might even bother them. The score actually detracts from what would have been flawless action scenes.

While this movie contains some breathtaking fights between Spidey and the Lizard, the action isn’t the focus. It revolves around Peter Parker as a person and how his relationships will shape him and his alter ego.

Those who may have thought that Marc Webb’s take on Spider-man would be too much like Sam Raimi’s don’t need to worry. This film is different in both tone and style, and it works very well. Here we get the wise-cracking, quick-witted Spidey that we see in the comics, which is a welcome deviation from Raimi’s humorless Spider-man.

Overall, The Amazing Spider-man exceeds expectations, and many will be cheering for Webb to return for a sequel.

4/5 stars


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