All new “Mass Effect 3” endings available for DLC – or check them out here!


BioWare announced not long after the release of Mass Effect 3 that they would directly address the game’s negative feedback by releasing a free single-player DLC to expand on the game’s ending.  Despite the extremely favorable reviews, some of the critical responses called out the game’s ending as a letdown.

Majority of the gaming community voice their concerns strongly online and tried to convice BioWare to “change” the ending.  However, instead of a complete change, they decided to expand on what was already given and give fans everywhere the answers and explanations they were looking for with Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC.  The content is available now on the Xbox, but if you don’t want to replay the last mission again or just don’t care about spoilers, you can see all of the new Mass Effect 3 endings below.

BioWare does put out a disclaimer saying that the “extended cut won’t satisfy everyone”, but hopefully it will still meet your expectations.  If you’re eager to see how the new endings play out, enjoy the three videos below for the new, extended endings, along with a fourth surprise video for a new option at the end of the game. That’s right – players have a new option in their final choice.


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Control Ending


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Synthesis Ending


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Destroy Ending


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Refusal Ending


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