“Mass Effect 3” extended cut DLC release times and details revealed!


There has been nearly an unlimited amount of debate regarding the Mass Effect 3.  Tomorrow, everything should be settled – and we highly emphasized on should.  BioWare plans to release their extended cut DLC for the ending of Mass Effect 3 tomorrow.  Producer Michael Gamble has taken to Twitter to explain when exactly gamers might be able to get their hands on the holy anticipated DLC. For Xbox 360 gamers, the DLC should be available around 5 AM EST, the usual release window for Xbox Live products. For PS3 players, the DLC should become available some time in the afternoon – the PSN update times tend to fluctuate based on server stress and demand. And for PC players, Gamble says they are trying to get the DLC up by about noon MST on Origin.

With the reveal of release times for the expanded Mass Effect 3 ending, it was also hinted as to what type of impace the DLC will have on the game’s missions.  Long story short, you will want to begin the game from the attack on the Cerberus base (the save point created once Mass Effect 3 has been completed) in order to see all the additional scenes.

To further expand, Gamble explains that you will want 3100 war assets for the “perfect” ending in the game – just to make sure gamers do no miss out on anything.  This means, if you have not already, it is time to promote your multiplayer characters and complete every side-mission in the game.  Granted, it is time consuming, but gamers who really want a *better* ending, should probably take the time to do this.

By this time tomorrow, gamers will either be satisfied with BioWare, or once again lamenting their ability to please their dedicated fan base to one of this generation’s biggest trilogy.  Creative Director Casey Hudson has already said it won’t satisfy everyone, but if it at least provides some extra context post-decision that could be enough.



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