Huge “Xbox 720” details leaked in a Microsoft document



Lately, it seems like Nintendo is jumping ahead when it comes to the next generations of consoles, while Sony and Microsoft remain quiet.  Microsoft seems quite content just updating their precious 360 and keep it going for a few more years.  Yet, nothing will ever stop speculation about their new console, and if a recent document that appeared on the internet says anything, Microsoft is indeed working on it.

The questioned document lists various details about an “Xbox 720,” going on for well over 50 pages.  The document stated the console could release in 2013 and the surprisingly reasonable price of $299.00. It is also said to come bundled with an update version of Kinect, simply called “Kinect V2.”  The console will also contain Blu-Ray functionality and be able to play games that will look approximately four-to-six times better than the current 360 titles.  However, since there were no specific schematics given, stories regarding the processing power are still unconfirmed.

The document also goes on to say that there will be some Augmented Reality glasses codenamed “Fortaleza”, but would not be released until 2014.  Could this be a cross between Kinect and the virtual reality glasses people have been wanting since the early 90s?   It also said that the Xbox 720 would have an ‘always-on’ feature – though for what purpose wasn’t clarified – and would also be able to use apps during gameplay for the sake of multitasking.



The document in question has now been taken down by the law firm Covington and Burling LLP, who just happen to represent Microsoft.  Whether this gives more proof that this document was real, or just an attempt to kill any rumors, is still up in the air.  Either way, stay tuned for any new information.


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