Amazing Spiderman #687 Is A Satisfying Conclusion to ‘Ends of the Earth,’ While Avengers Assemble #4 Is Better Than Ever


Looking for suggestions on what comics to read this week? Luckily, we have reviews of two fantastic comics below! Read on for more!


 Amazing Spider-man #687

The incredible ‘Ends of the Earth’ event comes to a stunning conclusion! You won’t believe what this book holds in its pages, but one thing is for sure: You won’t be able to put it down!

Spidey and the others find themselves battling the Avengers, who are under Doc Ock’s control. But when they beat that obstacle, they find another blocking their way forward. Where is Doc Ock’s lair? They must find the answer to that question, or all is lost and the villains win.

Dan Slott does a fantastic job wrapping everything up, and Stefano Caselli’s art is just as impressive. The two make a great team, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping they work together for a long time.

When the previous issue was released, I became worried that Slott wouldn’t be able to tie ‘Ends of the Earth’ together in a fitting and satisfying way. Thankfully, those fears were extinguished with this explosive final issue. Action packed and moving, this is a comic book experience you don’t want to miss.

I can’t wait to see what Slott and Caselli have in store for us!


Avengers Assemble #4

The winning writer/artist combination of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley gives readers another fantastic and fun comic with Avengers Assemble #4.  Things are starting to heat up, and as the tension mounts, so does the excitement!

Thanos has arrived on Earth, which means bad news for the entire planet. The Avengers make a hasty escape and regroup to combat the impending threat. But can they stop a being with such incredible power?

As usual, the writing and the art are fantastic. Readers will dig the superb storytelling and the banter between the characters, as well as wonder what is going to happen now that Thanos is in the mix.

Fun, action-packed, and gripping, this issue will be gobbled up in no time and readers will be anxiously awaiting the next one.




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