Superman Vs. The Elite is Mediocre At Best


Superman Vs The Elite, the latest DC Animated Film, premiered at WonderCon after enjoying heavy marketing and hype from DC and Warner Bros. Sadly, the film falls short. Plagued by sub-par voice acting, odd animation, and a thin plot, this newest offering from DC disappoints and fails to live up to the hype surrounding its release. It’s worth watching once due to its different approach, but many will be uninterested in seeing it a second time.

Manchester Black and his group of superheroes, collectively known as the Elite, have surfaced and are winning the hearts of millions. But their values and morals don’t quite match with those of Superman, and when they go too far, it’s up to the Man of Steel to stop them and remind them of what being a superhero truly means. But can Superman triumph with the entire world against him?

Aside from George Newbern as Superman/Clark Kent and Robin Atkin Downes as Manchester Black, the voice acting here leaves a lot to be desired. Lois Lane comes off as slightly annoying at first, but voice actress Pauley Perrette pulls it together and actually delivers one of the better performances out of the supporting cast. The rest of the Elite are uninteresting and their voice actors sound bored in their roles. No other performances come to mind as worth mentioning or remembering.

The animation here is some of the worst in a DC film. Lacking in detail and consistency, the animation style will disappoint many viewers.

Despite these flaws, the film boasts some great action sequences that will have viewers cheering heartily for the Man of Steel. But this isn’t an action film. It’s an examination of what makes a superhero a superhero. The movie shows Superman living in a world that doesn’t share his ideals, causing him to question what he believes in. This is an interesting and different approach, and will no doubt delight fans of the old school Superman who fights for the noble yet old school values. This is handled well, for the most part, but the story and characters feel so thin. There really isn’t much to the movie, and those looking for a deeper, more contemplative Superman flick will be sorely disappointed.

Despite its numerous problems, Superman Vs. The Elite manages to be somewhat enjoyable but will still leave viewers wanting something better.

2.5/5 stars



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  • Pauley Perrette played Lois Lane? Interesting. Her role of Abby on NCIS doesn’t really lead me to think she’d make a good Lois Lane

  • “Odd animation”?? On another site, they called it “weird cartoony style”. How old are you guys? Don’t tell me you honestly don’t recognize this animation style…the animation style of our saturday morning cartoons. I find it interesting that whilst you chalked this characteristic up as a flaw, it was one of the reasons I actually loved this movie. Is it just me then? Am I the only who simply adores the natural fluidity of old fashioned animation? Most likely drawn frame for frame with minimal interference from digital doo-hickeys? It’s absolutely gorgeous. But now, I’m beginning to think we will see less and less animation like this. Kinda makes me sad. I’m not even drinking age and I still think our older styles of animation were better.
    Ah well, que sera sera. Modernization and whatnot. But if you love cartoons as much as you claim you do, I think you should watch SVTE again, and maybe, just maybe, feel like a kid again.

  • Speedsk8

    plaqued? i think you meant plagued.

    • Hayden Mears

      Oops! Thank you! Didn’t catch that!